About Us

Wirez came to fruition when a group of music enthusiasts realized through extensive experimentation that incredible audible improvements could be achieved in mobile entertainment systems by upgrading interconnect and speaker wires and improving power delivery with capacitors, premium power wires and distribution components.

Armed with this knowledge, they developed a line of high performance accessories that truly offers increased performance. Amplifier installation kits, premium interconnects, power wire, speaker wire and a variety of accessories were created with the goal of maximizing the performance of a mobile entertainment system. The results were sensational, but they didn’t end there.

Recognizing similar deficiencies in other aspects of the mobile electronics market, the Wirez team expanded the line to offer accessories for portable audio devices, OEM integration and products for the marine market.

Having perfected the cabling and accessories designs to maximize sound quality inside the vehicle, they turned their focus to what happens outside, and how it affects your system. This bred a line of premium Sound Deadening materials - designed to keep exterior noise out by eliminating body and door panel vibration. Following on that concept, Wirez introduced premium seat heating kits to improve passenger comfort.

As music enthusiasts and car lovers, the research and product development team at Wirez always has new and revolutionary products on the drawing board. They are always striving to improve every aspect of your mobile audio experience.